About us

1995. The Netherlands is introduced to CoolBest: the first fruit juice to be sold directly from the cold store!

That is not without reason: when cooled, the quality is optimally preserved and the taste is best. At CoolBest, we are only satisfied when we have found the most delicious taste!

We keep it cool, you get the best!

Our mission

It is our mission to create the perfect mix between taste and healthy ingredients, making our juices always extra tasty, extra healthy or extra surprising. In recent years, we continuously brought surprising taste combinations. In the meantime, our favorites Premium Orange, Strawberry Hill and  Mango Dream are indispensable.

Now, more than 25 years later, we still work with the same passion on our mission, matching the latest trends. Quality, nature and human being are of paramount importance. We feel responsible for what we do and therefore also for our influence on people, the environment and society. And still our entire assortment only contains fructose, so feel free to allow yourself something extra every day with CoolBest.

The most delicious juice

In 2017, the independent research bureau Ivomar conducted a survey among 450 consumers, between the age of 20 and 60, who regularly drink chilled fruit juices. They tested our Premium Orange, Strawberry Hill and Mango Dream in three groups, based on taste and taste expectation against those of competitors. The CoolBest juices came out best in the test!

Below you can read in four steps, how we ensure that the best juice from the orchard ends up in your glass.

Our mangoes ripen naturally on a bed of rice straw!

Step 1 Selection

Only the most delicious fruit

Many different factors influence the quality of the fruit, such as the variety, the soil and the climate in which the variety grows For example our blood oranges: they come from Sicily, where they grow on the slopes of the Etna volcano. Here it is very hot during the day and very cold at night. This ensures an optimum flavor development and more colour.

For our juices, we only use the very best fruit, so we select the varieties with the best flavor from countries all over the world. For example, our ‘Alphonso’ mangoes come from India and our ‘Senga Sengana’ strawberries come from Poland. We get our oranges (Pera, Valencia, Folha Murcha and Natal) from Brazil, because the most delicious oranges grow in this country. The selection of the best fruit already starts with the orchards. The trees must be mature and old enough (at least 8 years) to deliver tasty fruit.

Picking and maturing

Many fruit suppliers often pick mechanically, to save labor costs. All the fruit, including unripe and overripe fruit, is plucked in one go. Although this is a cost-saving picking process, it has a negative influence on the quality of the juice. After all, unripe or overripe fruit has a bitter taste. That is why we pick the fruit by hand. Each piece of fruit can be individually assesses for ripeness and we only pick the fruit when it is optimally ripe. If it turns out, that a part of the fruit isn’t ripe enough, it won’t be picked. Strict selection requirements are applied during picking. For example, the size of the fruit is carefully considered; oranges that are too large often taste too watery. If the oranges are too small, you often also squeeze the peel, which gives the juice a bitter taste. That’s why we only pick medium-sized oranges.

For ripening, we also don’t choose the fastest method, but the method that ensures the best quality. For our example our Mango Dream: it owes its intense, mango flavor to the traditional ripening, making the mangoes intensely sweet. The mangoes ripen naturally on a bed of rice straw, unlike the modern maturation cells that are used today to ripen mangoes. So, CoolBest goes back to the origin, for the best quality!

Our blood oranges are growing on the slopes of the Etna volcano!

Step 2 Squeezing

Extra mild squeezing method

A hard squeezing method is often used for the production of juice, whereby pieces of the peel end up in the juice, which gives a bitter taste. We prefer a method that gives the best quality. We squeeze the juice in a very mild way, so fewer pieces of peel end up in the juice. This ensures that the CoolBest juice is even tastier!

Step 3 Concentrating

Environmentally-friendly transportation

The fruit is squeezed and concentrated in the country of origin. In this process, we extract a part of the water from the juice by briefly heating the juice, so that a concentrate remains. It can be frozen at a lower temperature (it remains liquid), so that taste and vitamins are better preserved. The concentrate is transported to the Netherlands in frozen condition. Once arrived in the Netherlands, we defrost the thaw concentrate, so we can add the same amount of water again. We use very pure water as our factory is located in the Veluwe, which has high-quality water. In total, the use of concentrate reduces the CO2-emissions by 39,5% compared to juice that doesn’t use concentrate! In short: concentrating is more environmentally-friendly!

Step 4 Keep it cool!

Icy cold storage

The juice is frozen within 24 hours after picking. CoolBest may never be stored or transported unrefrigerated. The retailer is also obliged to keep CoolBest refrigerated at all times. Keeping it ice-cold means that taste and vitamins are optimally preserved. The best quality is preserved, so, you get the best! We keep it cool, you get the best!

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