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  • Is CoolBest just as healthy as fruit and freshly squeezed juice?

Yes. Fresh juice, squeezed juice and packed juice are all 100% squeezed fruit and therefore contain the same nutrients as fruit. However, the amounts and proportions vary. An average of three oranges is squeezed for one glass (200 ml) of CoolBest. You will get more vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and fructose compared to eating one orange.

  • Does CoolBest fit in a vegan and/or vegetarian diet

Yes. No animal products are processed in CoolBest. Our products are therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Are there any gluten, lactose or other allergens in the CoolBest products?

Only CoolBest Fruit breakfast contains gluten-containing grains. All other products don’t contain gluten, egg, peanut, nuts, soya and milk (incl. lactose).

  • Do you add any preservatives?

No. The juice is slightly pasteurized (heated briefly) and packaged, so it is not perishable. Nothing more is added.

  • What is the difference between CoolBest juices and smoothies?

CoolBest Smoothies are just like CoolBest juices made of fruit, but because smoothies contain more puree, they are thicker. In addition, smoothies contain more dietary fibre per 100ml than juices, so they will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied than thin juices.

  • Is there an optionw with less calories?

Yes, the 70/30 CoolBest flavours contain each less fruit sugars and calories, because these editions are composed of 70% juice and 30% water. Still, this product has a delicious and full taste!

100% Pure juice
  • Where does the CoolBest fruit come from?

CoolBest juices are produced exclusively from the very best fruit. As fruit is a seasonal product, it doesn’t come from the same fruit grower all year round. For example, our oranges come Brazil, our mangoes from India and Peru and our apples for instance from Poland and Germany. After the harvest, the best lots are selected by our taste experts. If you would like to see where our fruit exactly comes from, please click on the link below.

See here where our fruit comes from!
  • What should I do if I have a good idea for a new flavor?

We are always looking for the most delicious flavor combinations! If you have a great idea for a new flavor, please let us know via our contact form or via Instagram or Facebook

  • Is sugar added to the CoolBest products?

No. Our fruit juices consist of 100% juice. This means, no other ingredients are added. Sugar is never added to our juice. Of course our juices contain fructose, from the fruit we squeeze for the juice.

100% Pure juice
Sustainable fruit
  • Are CoolBest products produced sustainably?

We regularly visit the growers of our many fruit varieties. There are high requirements for fruit quality, but sustainability is also important to us. This means that the fruit must be grown with great care for the environment and that the soil is not exhausted. In addition, farmers must get a fair price for the fruit and the employees must have good working conditions. We work hard to grow all our fruit 100% sustainably. We are proud to say that our oranges, strawberries and cherries are currently grown 100% sustainably. It’s our ambition to achieve 100% for the other fruit varieties by 2030 as well. For more information, please click on the link below.

Sustainable package
  • What do plant-based cartons mean?

CoolBest likes to contribute to a more sustainable environment and therefore invests in sustainable cartons. CoolBest uses plant-based materials instead of materials made with fossil raw materials for the plastic in its cartons. As a result, the cartons are 95% linked to plant-based materials and 100% recyclable. The remaining 5% is aluminum, which is necessary to keep our juice fresh. This aluminum is 100% recyclable. By investing in renewable materials, CoolBest contributes to the reduction of the CO2-emission and the creation of a sustainable industry. For more information, please click on the link below.

  • What material are the cartons made of and where can I deposit the empty carton?

The carton is made of FSC®-certified cardboard, aluminium and plant-based (vegetable) plastic. The cap pierces the first aluminium layer at the first opening. The beverage cartons are not biodegradable or compostable, yet fully recyclable. For example, buckets are made from plastic, paper is used for toilet paper and the aluminium is reused. Both the carton and the cap therefore go in the PMD container, but beware: This sometimes varies per municipality.

Sustainable juice
  • What is a concentrate?

The oranges are collected in the orchard and then shipped to the factory in trucks. The fruit is squeezed in the country of origin. Then, some of the water is extracted from the juice by heating the juice in a vacuum for a short period of time. A thickened liquid juice (concentrate) remains. Due to the vacuum this takes place at a lower temperature, so that nutrients like vitamins and the taste are well preserved.

  • Why do you work with concentrates?

First of all, concentrating ensures that we can squeeze the fruit within 24 hours after harvesting, so that taste, vitamins and minerals are optimally preserved. In addition, concentrating is much more environmental-friendly! After all, the water is separated from the pulp, so that we don’t have to transport the water from A to B unnecessarily. This reduces the juice volume by 83%. As a result, more than 800 ml water from one liter of juice remains in the country of origin and is reused here. The fruit can thus grow on where it naturally has the best taste and exactly the same amount of water that is extracted in the country of origin, is added again in the Netherlands. In total, the use of concentrate reduces CO-2 emissions by 39,5% compared to juice that doesn’t use a concentrate!

  • Where can I find CoolBest products in the store?

In the cold store, with the fresh juices.

  • In which grocery stores can I find CoolBest products?

CoolBest is sold at all supermarkets except the Aldi and Lidl stores. Products can be found on the cooled shelves.

Consumption and storage
  • How should CoolBest be stored?

CoolBest must be stored refrigerated. Cooling guarantees the high quality of the juice. At home, CoolBest must also be stored in the refrigerator to preserve its delicious taste and nutrients.

  • How long can I still drink CoolBest, once I have opened the carton?

After opening, you can still drink CoolBest for 3-4 days, if stored refrigerated.

  • Where is CoolBest ice sold?

100% CoolBest Ice is sold at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Nettorama, Boni and Hoogvliet

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